aw that story ended on such a sweet and somewhat disturbing note ^u^

(Jade no)

(dont do it Jade)

my whole computer just froze up so I suppose thats the end of the livestream right there haha. Thanks for hanging out. I’ll make sure to post these doodles by tomorrow.

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noooble asked: gasps for air i love ur art

*gives u oxygen mask*

thanks buddy c:



Commissions are now open!! :D

Sketches: $15, +$5 per extra character

Flats/Simple Colors: $25, +$8 per extra character

A Couple of Rules:

-Payment only accepted through Paypal (email is

-Payment is to be paid upfront.

-I will not draw nsfw/pornography, gore, or mecha

(more guidelines are here. Please read them all.)

You can contact me at if you’re interested!

5 Slots are Available right now:






frame from the animation im working on :P

i hecked up, Alpha Dave doesnt have a bro glove

adorabloodthirstie asked: are you and paperseverywhere friends?



why yes
we are buffus.

best buffus.

to clarify


toasty sent this garbled reply back to me in the middle of the night

we laughed about it later then


so there you go. tersty n i are buffus

adorabloodthirstie asked: are you and paperseverywhere friends?


why yes
we are buffus.

best buffus.

davediddlystrider asked: Nice to meet you too. Hey, do you mind if If I ask you a question? I am an artist too and I can't Leo but admire the length of your beautiful Lyric Comics. I always have trouble maintaining motivation while I'm in the middle of a really long piece, like a comic. How in the world do you keep yourself so focused?


there are spans of days where i just dont feel like working on my projects—lose motivation and dont wanna look at my own work sorta thing. And there are plenty of lyricstucks that I abandoned because of that reason :P 

but to get over those challenging internal conflicts, I ask my friends to keep an eye on my progress and push me, and always try to work at it til the point of no return—meaning you’ve worked so long at it that you might as well get it done, haha.

Focus is important, but it only really comes in short, small bursts. What’s important is the things that you do while you’re not in that focus zone. It’s all about the willpower and patience to push yourself through a long project. Work on it one small step at a time. Certainly we get a blaze of excitement when we first start off, but when you hit a block and run out of energy, it’s time to be wise and start planning more carefully.

I’m not the perfect model for it no, but the important thing is to try. Try your best. Have patience for yourself and your work.

Good luck! ^u^


i didnt think this comic could get any cuter but here we are >u<

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cloudmonstachopper asked: Coloring night - sufferer? perhaps with the Dolorosa? Like kiddo and mumma style? Or whatever you feel like. I'm just a huge fan of the Sufferer/Signless and I would love to color him. :D



download larger version

Coloring Night is Closed!

all my love <3333


R.Lutece - Raffle 1902

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It took me a stupid long time to make this but at last it’s complete! Terezi and Pyralspite from paperseverywhere’s HTTYDstuck AU uwu

this looks great, thank you *u*



what happens when you mistype ‘beautiful’ to ‘beautiflu’


haha get it beautiFLU haha i’m sorry


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ugh this comic will be the death of me /////

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exhausting day of working on commissions and animations (esp the animation) that i just feel like doodling Rosemary for the rest of the night

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