late hbd to the “best dad”, i suppose 

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toastyhat asked: Okay this for you. Dynamic combinations of simple shapes, expressing 3d form efficiently (without extra lines), loose sketches. Well-proportioned faces--broad and round, with wide noses (though not invariably) and solid anatomy. Attention to local colors, often with very vibrant and unusual combinations (though not unpleasantly).

Oh, thanks toasty! :D hit the nail on the head 

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conlin-arts asked: Ken Levin frikkin shared your comic on his facebook!!!




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ulrikadk asked: Your Booker comic made my day, thank you.

Oh geez, I didn’t expect it to get that many notes ahahaha ^o^

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it~

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He’s never gonna live it down

A bit late, but happy birthday you doof.

oh fudge it’s Booker Dewitt’s birthday :U

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ATTENTION ARTISTS: Need help calculating your commission prices? ›



A tool that I’ve found is really handy is a called the Cash Clock. It’s a simple program that measures both the time that you’re working on a piece as well as how much money you should be earning. You can adjust the hourly wage to whatever you feel is…

Online version link

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Changed my ‘lyricstuck’ link on the side to ‘Illustrated Music’ so it goes to a page with all the lyricstucks. No more scrolling all the way down to get to a song that you like! c:

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Have a thing inspired by another thing.


hehehehe they would totally do this

I just can’t wait til Monday when my semester ends and I can just draw things for the rest of the week

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Zombillenium, an upcoming french animated feature film directed by Arthur de Pins (based on his comic book - watch the music video).


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aight gotta ollie myself out, thanks for indulging all these crossover shenanigans ^u^

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i’m really getting distracted from homework hah

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aw ye

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thatcakeisapie asked: WAIT WHO'S ED AND AL THEN. We don't really have any canon sibilings besides Dave and bro. Closest thing is the scourge sisters but... it doesn't really fit.

idunt matter man, anything goes with crossovers! :DDD

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