Ba Sing Se background designs in Book 3 of The Legend of Korra


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Let’s make Hershel a playable character in ssb please.

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Let me link Yall’ to this holy grail.
I present to you Character Design Reference
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I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
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Fill your life with inspiration!

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ALSO, ships from long long ago!!  

cannedviennasausage said:you’re playing layton?! WHATMAKESYOUHAHA.MP3 WHILE I SEND U TISSUES


1 week ago on 09/09/14 at 01:29pm

squeeneytodd asked: Eeee, pl is one of my favorite game series! I hope you continue to enjoy them! The cutscenes really are fantastic. Do you have a favorite cutscene from the first game?

Thanks, I’m really enjoying it so far :DDD Plus I’m watching sylphee play the Layton/Wright crossover so I’m liking the series even more?!?

My fave scene has to be the rampant Ferris Wheel *snerkS*

1 week ago on 09/09/14 at 01:25pm

petitepluume asked: Haha, welcome in the Layton fandom! Be ready for FEELS though ='D

Sylphee tells me about the upcoming feels train ALL THE TIME (esp on the 3rd game)

im really excited ehehehe OuO

1 week ago on 09/09/14 at 01:18pm

i started playing this game series! (just finished the first one and started on the second. sylphee has all the games for it aw yiss) :DDD the character designs are really cute and im enjoying it so far

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Taking pictures of your hands is a lot harder then you would think!! Sorry these are such poor quality!

The ones with the stars are done in the most stereotypically newbie fashion i could think of!

I dont know if it would help but the differences between experienced and newbies are

Newbies tend to use the pads of their fingers while experienced players use the tips. 

Experienced player’s fingers are more arched

Newbies almost always have “Pancake hands” where their palms touch the neck of the instrument. The proper way is to arch your wrist away from the instrument

A newbie might also stick the fingers they re not using up awkwardly while an experience player keeps them closer to the fingerboard and slightly curved.

A newbie would also never use their forth finger/pinkie and will have it stuck out like they’re drinking tea 99.9% of the time

Woohoo thank you so much for the pictures and the notes! This will be a great help, You’re so sweet! ^U^

bunnerina replied to your post: bunnerina replied to your post: drawin…

Are you looking for pictures of the bow or the fingerboards? (not sure how good i’ll be at newbieing it up but i’l ltry!)

mostly fingerboards :) no preference what kinda note you’re playing

2 weeks ago on 09/04/14 at 10:51am

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dude can u maybe post it for us to see too? :D would be an awesome reference!! (its ok if the person doesnt want to tho)

heya bunnerina would you be okay with this?

2 weeks ago on 09/04/14 at 10:48am

bunnerina replied to your post: drawing the hand positions for violin …

I’m a viola player! Would it helped if i sent you some pictures of my hand possessions while playing?

ahhh! That would be lovely! Bonus: have a hand position of a complete newbie at it (or someone who doesnt know how to hold the instrument properly! :DDD

2 weeks ago on 09/04/14 at 10:44am

drawing the hand positions for violin and violins in perspective is hecka challenging D:

2 weeks ago on 09/04/14 at 10:19am

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*vibrates with excitement*