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Happy Birthday you prankmasters UuU



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Shiny, happy children :)

Drawn while listening to this awesome playlist on 8tracks

kougazgurl asked: I'm sure this has already been asked, but it wasn't in your FAQ so I thought I'd make sure: do you mind if others do lyricstuck-inspired things? For example I was thinking of doing a lyrics-thing for a different fandom-- do you have a problem with that? Just trying to avoid stepping on toes, heh. Thanks!

Why would I have a problem with that? ^o^ I don’t own the artform.

Like really, do whatever you want! :)

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Happy 4/13! ^u^

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Next up is…..COLOR.

Music still by C2C.


I’m not super great at gif-ing things, but here you guys go!

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Nameless and the Scientist; book 1; The Sky is a Hollow Sea

Softcover| 132 full colour pages | A5 | perfect bound | 20 USD + s/h

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This book covers the prologue and first chapter of Nameless and the Scientist. It is a story of beginnings where Nameless saves a raven, creates a labyrinth and meets a Scientist.

I’ll also be selling this book at TCAF in May! Please do drop by for a chat, I’d love to meet you in person if you can make it. (I have also revamped my site  where you can read the prologue)

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Notes on panel clarity


For a lyricstuck to flow clearly from one panel to another, each image must have a clear composition.

This post will focus on panel flow clarity, so examples will show multiple panels together to hopefully give you ideas of how to coordinate with other artists to make this project great!

Some basics:

Rule of thirds is a very comfortable composition. Best used for lyrics in a stanza.




This will be all for now. The next stuff I’m going to cover is how to effectively break the flow to achieve an epic effect. Will be finished by Friday when I get class off. :)


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lorien077 replied to your post: here, catch. c: preview for the Eliza…

asdfghjkl I’m so excited for this! Which song are you using?

You Belong to Me covered by Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth’s voice actor)

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here, catch. c:


preview for the Elizabeth-centric lyricshock I’m working on UuU (gonna scale the Songbird to be a bit bigger here mmm)

I never understood fanart that showed Booker being really annoyed or tired at Elizabeth throwing health, salt, or ammo for you because—-