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1 year ago on 01/12/13 at 09:51pm
  1. laurah-art said: trickster jane OBVIOUSLY
  2. thesearchforinspirado said: Happy Calliope. She always needs to be happy. (◡‿◡✿)
  3. rarelynotsharing said: moirails dancing
  4. abnormaldoctor said: a Penguin on wheatly
  5. crandles said: jADE HARLEY AND HER LOYAL PUP
  6. mokatcino said: Cute meowrails? o w o)/
  7. bons-upon-a-time said: you should draw eridan ampora looking really magnificent and then getting splashed by a large wave
  8. arandomassortmentofderp said: Eridan and Feferi playing portal perhaps? :3 Alternatively: “ii am the captor, ii 2peak for the bee2”
  9. merengae said: legend of zelda!!
  10. reverse-mermaid said: Jade/Karkat :D
  11. tabloo said: lemongrab
  12. charcoalfeathers said: Madosuki / anything from Yume Nikki
  13. mazarinian said: Perhaps you could draw Calliope in a comfy sweater?
  14. kudalyn said: Maybe some good ol’ Portal? Wheatley and Chell?
  15. kilifish said: Vriska playing a prank on John
  16. 10pa said: favorite characters/ships?
  17. novasterdraws said: Rose?
  18. yunyin said: An Indian Bride, mermaids, food, cats, bicycles, clouds, a battle, acrobats.
  19. animatorzee said: pie baking shenanigans?!
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    Terezi and a dragon or Weatley and a dragon actually both of them and a dragon
  21. jojobt said: Paula Deen riding butter. also get kankri in there somewhere
  22. ampullae said: half-life???
  23. dreamychocolateprincess said: eddie izzard
  24. sabrinagrimm said: katnep??? or just nepeta, yes
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