Files for Nothing Left to Say Now

If that doesn’t work for you, try this one: [x]

For those people wanting to make a video, and also if you’re interested in seeing how I worked this. I started it on Photoshop at first, then switched to SAI halfway through NLTSN2  because PS was just to dang slow.

You’ll notice that it’s one great big mess HEHEHE oh geez. Not so straightforward with the folders for some parts because I was conflicted about what to put in certain lyrics at times haaa, but I hope it’s interesting for you. After all this I feel like an expert in b&w.

Again, putting my trust to you guys not to claim this or anything. u-u

(edit: If you are tired of seeing it stretch your Dash by now—haaa I totally understand—Yummy suggested pressing ‘J’. It’ll skip right over it like a charm. Thank you Yummy, this is valuable knowledge)

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