this used to be an art only blog ._.

I feel like I’m putting too many text posts in here, but I love talking to you guys.

I guess as long as I have an ‘art only’ tag then it’s cool? Ya’ll aight with it?

1 year ago on 04/01/13 at 11:14am
  1. spoopybuns reblogged this from paperseverywhere
  2. demonoflight said: you can post anything you want! as long as you remain cool I’ll keep following. :)
  3. toastyhat said: But of course. :)
  4. snoozi said: totally! uwu
  5. generalangler said: I don’t mind your text posts
  6. kitsk said: fine with me if you blog here i didnt even know you had another blog until now
  7. whataregenders said: tis cool~
  8. danipanteez said: naturally of course!
  9. everynaruto said: is there a way to follow tags? like only the posts from a specific blog under that tag. i am confused
  10. piebutt said: ur blog do whatever u want bb rock on with yo bad self (I have a tag for text posts for those spoiled few who think they can dictate what people post on tumblr)
  11. simonbitdiddle said: Well, words are an art of themselves. Try telling a typographer that it isn’t and see how badly you get hurt. :)
  12. notjustafirehazard said: Art-only blogs seem too profesional to me. I enjoy knowing a bit about who I’m following :)
  13. lambergeier said: I’d suggest making a tag for not art posts, maybe? Something that people can ts, since this is advertised as your art blog and not your main.
  14. poopostuck said: is it me or is your icon changing?
  15. spookythal said: I’ve noticed as much but I personally don’t mind! ;u; I like reading your text posts. Tho of course do how it is better for you! ^u^ I’m sure people won’t mind!
  16. alittleballoon said: have fun with this blog lol
  17. heiwashiz said: I absolutely love seeing your text posts, it’s nice to see the person behind the beautiful art but the art only tag seems like a good idea too for those who would prefer that.
  18. k2e4 said: As long as you tag text posts for anyone who wants to ts it, I think it should be fine. Personally, I quite enjoy them!
  19. selene5deum said: No worries! Your blog is completely fine as it is
  20. cleeksfire said: Text posts arent bad! I like them :3