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my fave trolls makin’ the runs 

look at ‘im go /^o^ /

dave bein dave




even more perfect


Please excuse my dead nerd father


(via danedehaanw)

Continuing on with Shelby and I’s headcanons for HTTYD/HS crossover: Terezi gets blinded *u*

im at the airport! So I thought I’d do some drawing before we board :)

Here’s Valka in her dragon armor, as best as I can remember.

Ghostbuddies chillin’ out and watching movies :)

He’s never gonna live it down

A bit late, but happy birthday you doof.

~in which our livestream deviates to breakdance-off and where the Striders lay down the beat

Happy Birthday you dorks!

Happy Birthday you prankmasters UuU

Shiny, happy children :)

Drawn while listening to this awesome playlist on 8tracks

For toastyhat, who wanted Rosa and Signless doing some actiony thing, so I drew them risking to face off zombies in the harsh daylight to get ahead of their highblood pursuers.

Take care buddy  ^u^

sleepyheads photoset

(just realized while uploading this that their poses formed a diamond c: )

Thanks for coming over to the livestream!

Just testing out the new brushes I made yesterday, and a different style of sketching. Thanks again for dropping your requests in stream, it was really fun getting to know you guys. c: