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Anonymous asked: out of all the lyricstucks you've done so far, which one is your favorite? Least favorite?

my judgements aren’t from the contents of the finished work but the process :P

Amsterdam is my favorite because I’m a sentimental doof and I remembered having lots of fun drawing it and being excited :)

and Run to You is my least because making it left me paralyzed with low self-esteem more often than necessary and it made me really anxious and I felt like I was drowning in a sea of my own and other’s expectations. But I did finish it, which matters to me the most. :D

Anonymous asked: how big is your canvas usually when sketching and stuff?

definitely over 1000 pixels.

The canvas size I’ve been using lately is 2000 x 1200

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Anonymous asked: how the heckie do you add that dirt texture to sai?

Oops, I probably should’ve put that on the faq as well. After you download it, access your Paint Tool SAI folder, then copy the texture into the ‘brushtex’ subfolder.

You should have a start-sai.exe to actually update the program with new stuff so click that. If not, then here’s a download. Make sure you have start-sai.exe in your Sai folder.

Anonymous asked: I loooove your new brushes!! :3

Thanks! I really like them too :DDD

I updated my faq page with the brush settings and a link to the texture if you’re interested in that.


tears fuel me

so yes

I am very happy 

Anonymous asked: Excuse Me, But It Would Be Met With Much Gratitude If You Were To Reveal Your Serkets To Uploading Lyricstucks, Especially If There Is Particular Detail Given For The Benefit Of Tumblr Newbs Such As Myself. Thank You For Your Time.

Yes Kanaya, that would be fine.

- Make a text post and an audio post in your Drafts

- Upload your lyricstuck panels on the text post

- Upload your music of choice on the audio post

- When you’re done, select all and copy your panels from the text post and paste it onto the audio post

Publish your audio draft and Bam, you’re done. c: Happy lyricstucking.



yes now would you kindly stop shouting eue

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Anonymous asked: Besides Lyricstucks, what other personal art projects do you set yourself to improve?

Animation stuff :B I really want to be able to be as expressive in the medium as I am with lyricstucks. I’ll have to build a practise schedule on it in addition to my gesture drawing one soon aaah.

Anonymous asked: wait so do you like gamzee or not cuz ive been getting different vibes from you i think???

I don’t really care much for Gamzee, so the ‘vibes’ you’re getting most likely links with whoever he’s dealing with.

Anonymous asked: hey so i was just wondering... did you keep all your rejected panels for your lyricstuck? because they are totally still amazing

Yes, of course. There are quite a few of them, hahaha. (Some panels were changed like 4-5 times and there are still some in the finished product that I’m not quite happy with but I think that’s normal :P)

Anonymous asked: hi, sorry to bother you but i have a little problem with my lyricspanelsthingy. i found a perfect song, but there are few sentences in the lyrics that i just cant match to a scene or illustration that i could draw. is there anything you do to find the inspiration for that? ;v;

Don’t draw to the lines of the song; draw to the whole message of the song.

edit: ok i guess that line was kinda vague but what I’m trying to say is that, if you’re doing a story for your songcomic, pick a scene that will strengthen your theme in the story if you, and not worry too much about whether it will fit the line or not. People tend to make their own connections for the lyrics and the picture anyways, so focus on making your story stronger. And if your story’s theme matches with your song, then even better.

(there I think that was much better)

I hope that helps.

Anonymous asked: What playlist do you listen to during livestreams?

Nowadays it’s been mostly Toastyhat’s playlists :)

Anonymous asked: What is the music you play on your livestreams? I heard one with tap dancing and violin and I can't seem to find it anywhere?? Could you tell me what the song's called?

The 2 songs that I played other than the one I’m using for the lyricshock is ‘Elizabeth’ from the Bioshock Infinite ost and ‘Nillili Mambo’ - Block B.

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Anonymous asked: I can't believe someone wrote that about your art?? Like honestly while I was looking at your Lyricstuck the whole time I was thinking about how expressive and realistic the way you draw faces is. I'm sure you know better than to take what they said seriously but that made me angry too gdi >:(

lol I’m ok with it. I know for a fact that I tear apart and hate and know the things I need to work on with my art more than any sour candy out there

it’s inevitable to get that kinda stuff if you’re popular in the fandom, so I just 


and keep on improving

Anonymous asked: Seeing your lyricstuck i'm really curious as to what your headcanons are for the relationship of mindfang/dolorosa could you explain?

Manipulation abound. Maybe get some pale feelings for Rosa later but it’s still manipulation based so no consent and there’s probably abuse. It’s practically invisible in the lyricstuck because I did not want to go there. Overall not comfortable with the ship, so my headcanons are kinda general and vague XnX, but those are just my feelings for it. I tried to balance the good and bad of that relationship and I hope I didn’t come too strong from either side.