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rose ended up cleanin the sopor mess so she never tried this again

3 days ago on 07/28/14 at 06:08pm


one of those tired mornings

3 days ago on 07/28/14 at 05:48pm

Birthday commission from aud8 for potatocoyote! ^u^ It’s ok Rose, I’m sure Kanaya doesn’t mind the mess. :)

if u dont think she’s cute you’re wrong

dave bein dave


oops my hand slipped


i got like…5 requests of this shirt so here’s Karkat and…Karkat.

playing around with the watercolor brushes on Manga Studio.

i was drawing Karkat, then suddenly is became Signless? (young Signless? idk)

color study with Grimdark!Rose

Tomodachi Life things

My island’s name is Shipping Island and there’s never been a better description of what I play this game for

lovingly dedicated to wecansexy and completegarbage UuU 

remember that time when…

More HTTYD/HS things that Shelby and I discussed. Gamzee and Cherub (Lord English/Caliborn) dragon OwO

you can find some of our ideas here

Continuing on with Shelby and I’s headcanons for HTTYD/HS crossover: Terezi gets blinded *u*