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~in which our livestream deviates to breakdance-off and where the Striders lay down the beat

Happy Birthday you dorks!

Happy Birthday you prankmasters UuU

i lost the heart to finish it (you know when someone just interrupts your arting when you’re in the zone? U_U’)

This was initially going to be a serious picture but all of a sudden blingee fishcake.

Happy B-Day Jane :)

Testing out this rad brush.

edit: i was dumb and i forgot to draw her glasses :v


I think part of the reason why some people are uncomfortable with Trickster mode is that it can change someone almost completely physically and emotionally. And when I think about it, that’s kind of…scary, not being able to be who you are, or at least having everything defining you go on hyperdrive and drowning all your nuances. Imagine glitching someone like that in real life.

I think that would be painful.

Baby no. ;n;

1 year ago on 12/08/12 at 10:14pm