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I’m sorry but not really. Still can’t get over Mako’s shirt. And gloves. I bet Mako convinced Korra to wear them.

Needed a break from animating for [information redacted] >:3 so here’s some sketches of Korra (whose new outfit I’m kinda in love with).

Also, Mako’s skimpy little overshirt made me laugh way too hard. Couldn’t put my finger as to why but then I remembered Sai from Naruto. I mean seriously, what store d’you get that from bb? XD

LoK Finale




With all that bending you’d think someone would get hit. 

A lot of people in the LoK fandom seem frustrated with Mako. XD Poor bb.

*gigglesnort* This was a lot of fun to animate. C8

Some kid!Mako doodles from my sketchbook. 

I hope I’m not the only one who wants this to happen.

*A* Because it would seriously be amazing.

After work…

Mako x gloves