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Shiny, happy children :)

Drawn while listening to this awesome playlist on 8tracks

sleepyheads photoset

(just realized while uploading this that their poses formed a diamond c: )

talkingwhileshy replied to your post: give me someone to draw? your ideas or…

kanaya secretly lounges in old big comfy clothes with no make up when she feels too tired to be fashionable, only her most trustworthy friends can accompany her during these moments

…welp now i just made myself sad

requests are closed

jionttt asked: Draw tiny mayor?? :O

Thanks for coming over to the livestream!

Just testing out the new brushes I made yesterday, and a different style of sketching. Thanks again for dropping your requests in stream, it was really fun getting to know you guys. c:

fashionable rainbowdrinker problems

Sketch commission for Sarah! :D Demonstuck Kanaya and a Rose aw yeah (this was so much fun coDDANG I love being paid to draw my OTP)

Commissions are re-opened (I’m trying to save up for WhatPumpkin merch c:)

blegh I’m upset U~U

I switched the shades/glasses.

and I’m seeing an AU where John and Jade are evil scientists, Dave is their oblivious close friend, and his sister is a suspicious investigative journalist.

Anonymous asked: Papers, who would you say is your favorite Homestuck kid?

uGH you know that is a really hard question, but I’d have to say it’s this gal right here c:


(assuming that this is just bw the beta kids)

boop too early?

eldritchdarling asked: Jaderose?