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a thing I like about SAI more than Manga studio is that even though both have great brush customization, SAI just has a ton more resources for it (plus it’s really easy to make a screenshots of the brush settings—while Manga studio there’s like several different panels for different things and that makes it really hard to share brushes)

spookyenchantress asked: OOC: Just a quick question from an artist how to you make the lines around...lets say the light blue lines around you Kill La Kill 'gonna protect girlfriend' picture?


use the select tool,then select the ‘fuzzy’ transparency to the max. 

then click on what you desire to outline. 

then make a new layer down that one, select the bucket and fill in the selected space. 

when you unselect you’ll have this 

see? it has the blue outline, that’s how i do it. uvu 

Sai Animation Assistant


Because attempting to animate in the purgatory that is a midway between Sai and Photoshop is akin to sawing off your dick with a nail file, I got around to this last week.

The goal is to allow for viewing of wip animations being made in Sai without having to load the project into Photoshop, Flash, or whatever your external timeline of choice is.  Essentially, you export each frame as a .png into a folder and then just overwrite them in the same way when you want to update a frame.

On load it defaults to whatever directory it’s sitting in, but if you want to keep it somewhere else you can select the folder source post-load.

Images are loaded alphabetically, so all of these are valid:

  • a.png, b.png, c.png
  • 1.png, 2.png, 3.png
  • Frame1.png, Frame2.png, Frame3.png.

It runs off .png files because I don’t see why you’d use any other format in 2014.  If anyone desperately wants .jpeg support or something I can add a toggle though.

Image locations are loaded fresh upon each iteration and held within the program so you can add, update and remove frames without stopping it if you want to.  This means you can leave it open on a second monitor and have a looping preview without leaving Sai.

Shit runs on .net 4.5 since C# is cakewalk for stuff like this.


.CS/Source file


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Hey guys, I’ve made some pixel brushes!! I mostly just use gray tones, but sometimes I really miss screentone-like quality when doin’ uh, comic art :D?! I have made both Photoshop and SaiTool version, so I decided to share~

Here is the link:
Download PhotoshopBrush
Download SaiToolBrush+ Installing instruction

I’ll try to update if I make more screentone-like brushes or shape

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Hey SAI users

Get your acrylic brush and give it these settings


Just trust me


At first I was like “meh” but then I blended it… damnd. I normally do cel-shading but this is pretty sweet. I like this

Reblogging for refs later

omg i like this


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Anonymous asked: I adore your artwork. Could you please post about the brushes you use or maybe your process... That would be amazballs!!!








uh ok i recently realized that i only use these brushes to draw in sai. and people still are asking me what ones i use so UGHgdasf here i spill all me secrets!!!1 

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1 year ago on 09/26/13 at 04:00pm
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shikai-of-the-4th-world said: THAT IS AWESOME AND YOUA RE AWESOME AND THAT BRUSH IS TOO SHEESH. what setting do you have it on?

Aw, thank you. ^u^ Here’s the link to download SAI brushes [x] It’s ‘Grating’ 76; Canvas 50


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what brush settings do you use for sketching, lineart, and colouring in SAI?

I pretty much experimented with different settings until I got what I like, so these four are my personal pref when I’m drawing. Also, stuff I use for sketching is what I also use for lineart :v

Custom settings downloaded from here:

01 - What I’ve been using recently. Tried to make it close to PS basic brush

02 - For a more textured look. I occasionally use this to color

Coloring 01 - Blends with other colors, has that canvas-y painterly feel that I really like

Coloring 02 - Doesn’t blend with other colors too much, which suits for cleaning up edges etc.


brush presets two: painting

I literally use middle flat acrylic brushes for everything

the midline is a setting that was circulating around tumblr like half a year ago, the two derivatives are my own though.

The ‘Sweet Desu Jesus’ Pen from the last set is also used to refine details out

there’s other miscellaneous brushes that I have that I end up using as accents but they’re not settings I made myself and, like the midline acrylic, they’ve been circulating for like half a year so I’d prefer not to throw them in here. UuU

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for those who ask me how i get my digital sketches to look like i did them w/ paper i used this and kinda tinkered around w/ the settings

totally useful imo

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There you go!

I really want to try this. ;-;

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Needed a break from animating for [information redacted] >:3 so here’s some sketches of Korra (whose new outfit I’m kinda in love with).

Also, Mako’s skimpy little overshirt made me laugh way too hard. Couldn’t put my finger as to why but then I remembered Sai from Naruto. I mean seriously, what store d’you get that from bb? XD

^Old work (June 5 2010)

Is it just me, or did I draw better draw year?  X_X

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FuturMage requested his Maplestory character to be drawn awhile back. I frikkin need to work on backgrounds. ;_;

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