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takes a break from animating

…to do more animating

my fave trolls makin’ the runs 

on her way to serve JUST1C3

look at ‘im go /^o^ /

I just started this sequence yesterday im sO PROUD OF THIS PROGRESS.  if you came over to the livestream, then thanks for hanging out! ^u^

i finished like 2 seconds of animation today I am so proud ^u^

part of a Homestuck action mv im doing to ‘Louder than Words’ - Les Friction. got the first half storyboarded and the rest in my head still (that will be down on paper soon enough). But I’m really excited ahehhehe eue

It’s not gonna be anything fancy and clean, but hopefully it’ll be loads of fun to watch after it’s done 0u0

fun, 30 min animation practise

im very talkative tonight, so here’s KK

apologies if i cluttered your dashboards UoU

self indulgent anime Jade OwO


The making of Studio Trigger's incomparable series, Little Witch Academia. Again, another reason why I love 2D animation so much. :-) 

(via artist-refs)

(via toastyhat)

30 min animation jam…it was actually a coincidence that it looped nicely .-.

Bzzzz  chop chop

tiny Lalonde b-day doodle 


blegh I’m upset U~U

hour long animation jam