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The making of Studio Trigger's incomparable series, Little Witch Academia. Again, another reason why I love 2D animation so much. :-) 

(via artist-refs)

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30 min animation jam…it was actually a coincidence that it looped nicely .-.

Bzzzz  chop chop

tiny Lalonde b-day doodle 


blegh I’m upset U~U

hour long animation jam


im so tired that i uh…animated KK being tired..

imma sleep *yawns

i lost the heart to finish it (you know when someone just interrupts your arting when you’re in the zone? U_U’)

another preview


KFGGgg—i give up on my promise i just can’t help myself 

it’s giving me cavities just going about animating this

and I want you to know how it feels like

silly animation practise


doesn’t make any sense :v

Ah…I just felt really sad and lonely all of a sudden so I animated some hugs. ;u;

And speaking of flour sack, I’ve got this [wip] that I’d probably chop the last bit off and extend it for 10 seconds.

Oh what fun. *u*

1 year ago on 10/11/12 at 09:53pm

I was doing my flour sack animation for class…

But then there were these Gushers

and I just—

1 year ago on 10/11/12 at 09:34pm

You guys are a brilliant fandom. Thank you for the follows, and for the deluge of kind messages in my inbox. :)

Heh, I haven’t caught up yet, since I have midterms, but I am fairly close! 

And Karkat dodges his first bucket—oh nevermind.