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bananagrrl asked: I saw your post about a happy blog and I wanted to say that your blog does make me happy, but there is something else I want to say. I had a hard time in my senior year of high school and I would end up feeling really stressed and stopped up(?weird description), and I would always watch your doomed timeline lyricstuck and cry like crazy. It was extremely cathartic and one of the best stress reducing techniques I've ever used. I just wanted you to know that the sad stuff made me happier


this just—awes me. I’m so glad my art helped you out of your stress. I never knew it could work like this :o …wow

thank you so much for sharing, this is a truly wonderful insight

1 day ago on 07/22/14 at 07:38pm

irrelelephants asked: Um, hello! I'm so sorry for bothering you again, but I was curious if people had ideas for your crossover if tagging you or submitting art to you was okay? Sorry, I don't mean to be a pest ^^"

Ooh, I’d prefer if you’s tag it w my username (or wecansexy’s? idk if she’s ok w that) or just feel free to use the general (as far as I know at least) term for it, which is ‘HTTYDstuck’ 

/oh shush stopit, you’re not being a pest. ^u^

2 days ago on 07/21/14 at 06:29pm

zellkabellk asked: So, how is it to work with your new baby tablet :3 ?

i love it so much it’s perfect ;u;

at first though, I was really sloppy because usually when I draw traditionally it’s really sloppy and quick sketches and practises.

But after drawing and painting a few things, I just realized how much control I have over the lines now and it’s just so satisfying to work hehe. It’s most likely something I wont be able to live without anymore so I’m gonna take meticulous care of it.

1 week ago on 07/15/14 at 11:41am

hardboiledmanner asked: Hi there! I'm just starting out as an artist, and I really like traditional drawings you've been posting (especially the one you made for wecansexy). I was wondering what art supplies you used to make them, specifically? Like, what specific brand of pencils and such? I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the different options at my local art shop.

Thanks! I borrowed the orange prismacolor pencil and then drew with a .5mm mechanical pencil over it. :)

If you’re shopping, unless you have a specific art goal, it’s ok to buy general (and affordable) tools.

2 weeks ago on 07/03/14 at 07:51pm

dorkymituna asked: im sorry if im annoying but i love two of your lyricstucks,the "run to you" one and the "i will wait" one and i love them so much because they're so beautifully drawn and i cry every time i watch them and it makes me so happy every time i see them and i just wanted to tell you that despite me being sad a lot, every time i watch those i get happy and you inspire me to get better with my art and you're just a really great inspiration to me and im sorry for bothering you, have a nice day!!!

You are not annoying, nor are you bothering me! Thanks so much for this sweet message, I’m honored to be able to inspire people UuU Hehe, lyricstucks inspire me a lot too

You have a nice day too and keep on arting! :)

1 month ago on 06/20/14 at 10:41am

pringlebit asked: tbh your art is so insanely pleasant to see that every time I see it it makes me rlly happy


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1 month ago on 06/18/14 at 08:50am

dontlistentoradio asked: Your painting style is so asthetically pleasing, it's incredible. <3

Ah, thank you so much! This means a lot! ^o^ 

1 month ago on 06/17/14 at 10:38pm

skittlesweets asked: Aw man I feel really bad for the dapper imp I mean he's not doing anything just sitting there sipping his tea but I also want him to get his butt whooped because you know he's an imp. Why must you give me these confused feelings

I’ve never seen imps as anything threatening—even from the beginning of the webcomic they’re just a buncha dumb adorable rascals. The poor doofs.

1 month ago on 06/17/14 at 10:35pm

thekawaiitoilet asked: Just wanna say, well done with those lyric stucks. You managed to break a fic writer. Good job. Four for you papers, you go papers.

UuU Thank you, I do try.

kittehcatswag asked: Please do a "Pretty boys making ugly faces" Edition, or vice versa o3o I loved the other post so much XD

By vice versa do you mean:




*4kids cheering soundfile*

amazingfireworksdisplay asked: I had a dream that you died, and i had to follow through on fulfilling your last wishes with the assistance of toastyhat. this was made all the more difficult because toastyhat was just covered in bugs, and toastyhat and the bugs could not agree on what to do and were arguing the whole time. please dont die and leave the funeral arrangements to me, it would be a disaster, apparently

drazconn asked: I have a legitimate problem where I have my own style that I love but my friend and I were joking around and I "tried" to draw in the Shonen-Manga/Anime style and. I can apparently draw anime like an expert. And it turns out really well. So I can't decide on whether to stick with a style I've worked on since I was 6 to develop or something that I could potentially become very popular/successful for.

I’ll tell you a not-so-secret.

Take what you like from the anime style and integrate it to the style you’ve been working on for awhile. Do that for every style that you come across that you like—be a selective stealer of ideas and art processes.

take these diff processes and improve on your own style and eventually people will take notice. You don’t have to throw away all that work—just add to it by doing the above.

also another not-so-secret: if you wanna be popular then do not try to be popular. just keep working on your skills— plus a good attitude and humility on your shoulders will go a long way to the people you will meet and interact with.

hope that helps dude

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daplin asked: I did not at all mean to come off as a dick, papers. Sorry if I misunderstood what you meant. Sorry :(

ayyy man you had good intentions and that’s a-ok to me. ^o^ 

2 months ago on 05/13/14 at 08:37pm

trigonus asked: Um... Isn't it ok to emulate someones style? I mean, someone can't really copyright a style can they? Being able to emulate a style is important in animation isnt it?

Yes it is important to emulate, no matter how good you are, learning someone else’s process to drawing and integrating it to your art style will help you get better, if not it will at least give you a fresh perspective to drawing.

And yes, animation does require one to be versatile with different styles.

I guess what daplin meant was that if one can emulate a style to the point of it being a copy and the only kinda thing you draw (ie some kids drawing Disney princess style their whole lives until they reach artschool) then it would hinder rather than help.

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aquaticlemons asked: Which do you like better; Columbia or Rapture?

It depends.

Gameplay-wise I like Columbia for it’s brightness and varied lighting conditions (and it gradually changes so you can get used to the darker stuff at the end—plus it’s prettyprettypretty as heck *u*) I took two hours in the beginning part just appreciating all the little artistic details of Columbia: architecture, posters, color schemes…

For worldbuilding (general lore), Rapture takes the cake. There’s just something amazing about piecing together the story of the city through the audio diaries of the dead (and various peoples who you interact with).