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mounting realization that im gonna be twenty years old in a few weeks

life achievement Tier#2 almost unlocked

im doin the thing

it’s a really good sign if u finish planning a song comic in less than an hour OwO


Yo! st. Patrick 

The Other Side of Freelancing


Here it is, giant post about freelancing, under a cut because it’s super long. Enjoy if possible! 

I’m perfectly open to answering specific questions, but if it’s something I answer in this post I probably won’t answer it. I’d also prefer to answer questions publicly so I don’t have to answer the same thing multiple times. Thank you :)

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nowillnevergetanythingdone asked: 3?

Here’s the most recent doodle I’ve done on SAI:

1 month ago on 03/07/14 at 03:47pm

Anonymous asked: I loooove your new brushes!! :3

Thanks! I really like them too :DDD

I updated my faq page with the brush settings and a link to the texture if you’re interested in that.

1 month ago on 02/28/14 at 08:30am


homestuck kids

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Livestream shenanigans

It was fun guys, thanks for coming :DDD



so i did the thing. and lemme say. pearls color scheme was not made for mixing 


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Anonymous asked: I think that it would be fantastic if you were to do a gif-ed lyricstuck! In fact, I wouldn't mind if you use that simplistic style of yours either! :)

Yeah, it’s probably best that I start with something simple to test the waters. That’s kinda what I did with my lyricstucks…each consecutive attempt became more challenging.

Anonymous asked: why do you tag good/famous artists as precious people?

because they are



I’ve made so many people upset today because of that comic .-.

Coddang was it really that bad


Hello new followers!


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who did the thing