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What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

Seeing people grow emotionally (in a positive way) through their artwork.



Suffering Through/For the People 2 - written by firstnamezacklastnamemorrison, drawn by bigbigtruck, and colored by paperseverywhere!

What’s a mom.

I colored the thing!
Now go look for some Strideers I hid :D (And by Strideer I mean the Adventure Game troll. i refer to him as that)


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I’ve been asked a lot about developing styles and improving so I thought I would make an advice comic for you lovelies~ :>

It’s so hard to explain about our development in art styles. We may be influenced by the same things, but how we illustrate, express, and think is completely different. It’s not something you can buy or learn in a class.

Remember that age doesn’t matter and it’s never too late. You can draw whether you’re 30 or 13. You’re still young! And there’s no rush. We learn at our pace and should be proud of ourselves for continuing to draw. Not many people realize that art is a pretty tough field and I know a couple that have given up and chosen other paths.

Improvement will happen if you keep on doing what you love. It will take time but keep practicing and months (or years) from now you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve progressed. Soon your doodles that used to take you 2 hours will take only a minute or less.

But again, you have to just do it. This applies with music, performance, or anything else. Tutorials, books, and advices won’t mean anything unless you actually do it.

Don’t think about what anyone will think, if you’ll be famous or not, or if you’ll develop a “unique” style. Just start drawing. Fanart, figure drawing, animals, anime, just do it!!

You will improve and you will create great things. Just do it!!

I hope this helps!

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did a few little concept art things for the music video project I’m gonna be working on, kinda like what toastyhat is doing for Radioactive and Dead Metal—with original characters and everything

I’m gonna use Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin. I really want the music to clash with what’s on the video (there was a term for that but I forgot ahaha) and I think it’ll be heartfelt but also a lot of fun c:



mounting realization that im gonna be twenty years old in a few weeks

life achievement Tier#2 almost unlocked

im doin the thing

it’s a really good sign if u finish planning a song comic in less than an hour OwO


Yo! st. Patrick 

The Other Side of Freelancing


Here it is, giant post about freelancing, under a cut because it’s super long. Enjoy if possible! 

I’m perfectly open to answering specific questions, but if it’s something I answer in this post I probably won’t answer it. I’d also prefer to answer questions publicly so I don’t have to answer the same thing multiple times. Thank you :)

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nowillnevergetanythingdone asked: 3?

Here’s the most recent doodle I’ve done on SAI:

Anonymous asked: I loooove your new brushes!! :3

Thanks! I really like them too :DDD

I updated my faq page with the brush settings and a link to the texture if you’re interested in that.


homestuck kids

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Livestream shenanigans

It was fun guys, thanks for coming :DDD



so i did the thing. and lemme say. pearls color scheme was not made for mixing 


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Anonymous asked: I think that it would be fantastic if you were to do a gif-ed lyricstuck! In fact, I wouldn't mind if you use that simplistic style of yours either! :)

Yeah, it’s probably best that I start with something simple to test the waters. That’s kinda what I did with my lyricstucks…each consecutive attempt became more challenging.