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Anonymous asked: dave as the doctor with rose



1 year ago on 08/02/13 at 11:57am


Next on “I Didn’t Know It Was Hetalia”


Holy Frick is this an official Matt Smith Facebook account because if it is I think I’m gonna get an aneurysm.

A first and a last.

*incoherent sobbing noises*

Prepping myself for the inevitable emotional trauma that is Series 7.

So here’s some happy Doctor. :)

2 years ago on 09/01/12 at 11:43am

Anonymous asked: Doctor Who

Ahahahaha, did I just lose 8 followers from this activity?

2 years ago on 04/01/12 at 02:08am

I faced with a really ugly art block and now I’m trying to get out of it. Happy 11.11.11/Veteran’s Day guys. :)

2 years ago on 11/11/11 at 09:13am

exploring-cosmic-space asked: 11th doctor aggravated because he cant find his bowtie :)


2 years ago on 10/23/11 at 05:29pm

aw yeah sonic screwdriver! ;D 

2 years ago on 10/21/11 at 07:01pm

scribbly wibbly before i sleep

3 years ago on 10/03/11 at 08:10pm


next thing you know—

3 years ago on 09/29/11 at 06:47pm

"An ancient creature, drenched in the blood of the innocent… drifting in space through an endless shifting maze… for such a creature, death would be a gift."

"Tomorrow is the day I…"

fav quote from Closing Time.  xD

3 years ago on 09/24/11 at 01:23pm

Watching God Complex now.  Am I the only one who felt a tad betrayed by this?  Is this Rule #1 again or did the writers forget that detail? D:

3 years ago on 09/17/11 at 07:03pm