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davediddlystrider asked: Nice to meet you too. Hey, do you mind if If I ask you a question? I am an artist too and I can't Leo but admire the length of your beautiful Lyric Comics. I always have trouble maintaining motivation while I'm in the middle of a really long piece, like a comic. How in the world do you keep yourself so focused?


there are spans of days where i just dont feel like working on my projects—lose motivation and dont wanna look at my own work sorta thing. And there are plenty of lyricstucks that I abandoned because of that reason :P 

but to get over those challenging internal conflicts, I ask my friends to keep an eye on my progress and push me, and always try to work at it til the point of no return—meaning you’ve worked so long at it that you might as well get it done, haha.

Focus is important, but it only really comes in short, small bursts. What’s important is the things that you do while you’re not in that focus zone. It’s all about the willpower and patience to push yourself through a long project. Work on it one small step at a time. Certainly we get a blaze of excitement when we first start off, but when you hit a block and run out of energy, it’s time to be wise and start planning more carefully.

I’m not the perfect model for it no, but the important thing is to try. Try your best. Have patience for yourself and your work.

Good luck! ^u^


im in one of those art-periods where i cant decided what to improve on so i end up doing everyone of them kinda half-baked

work on more efficient process?
painterly/concept art look?

it happens everyday on a more subtle basis but more recently i feel like im gonna split myself in five directions if i dont decide on something soon CX

stephaniesquirrel replied to your post: I just had a pretty funny dream where …

The thought of comstock suffling through boxes and stuff on the street is also amusing

lol yup. He’d be doin’ the smart thing and hiding the ‘AD’ on his hand asap. There are advantages to knowing the propaganda used against you. But then again, Booker-swap would know exactly what you look like and what you’re wearing… the hunt is on.

I just had a pretty funny dream where when Booker and Comstock meet in person for the first time they somehow had a mind-swap.

So now you get this guy running around admiring his own youth (and being awful at his assigned job and being a jerk to whenever he sees the Luteces), and an old man suddenly freaking out and trying to get his body back and saving Elizabeth in the most roundabout way possible.

…like I can totes understand if you like Gamzee as a villain in the webcomic. the fact that most ppl hate him so much shows Hussie’s A++ writing

but if you try defend his abusive actions against tz or find scapegoats to justify his actions then I just can’t look at you ok

1 year ago on 10/06/13 at 10:05pm

I wonder where Hussie is going with all of the Homosuck. And how it fits with the story thematically as a whole—looking forward to that surprise. There are still quite a lot of elements that need to be tied down, and we are following so many strings of plot elements that have yet to be woven to something coherent (this is like a LOT of characters converging into one place, and the plan to defeat English is still blurry, woohaw this is gon be a flippin ride).  

or maybe it’s better if I should just reread the last 5 months. because the somewhat erratically posted upd8s makes it hard to see the full picture. I forget about certain events in the comic even from last week lol (because HS is not the only thing I focus on irl), and when the memory’s muddy it becomes difficult to connect things. 

hmm yeah i should do that

1 year ago on 08/28/13 at 08:31pm

Anonymous asked: how long did it take you to finish that lyricstuck?

um…hmmm…easily over 35 hours, I think?

planning the whole thing was nearly an hour. Sketching it and adding the tones—around 5 hours. The coloring for the first 25 panels was slow and agonizing (most taking about 1-2 hours) because I was trying to figure out a consistent system. And the last 15 were a breeze (I actually finished them the day of submission lol) because I was finally able to figure out a more efficient coloring system for the work. So for those each took about 30-45 minutes.

(I’m just happy that I could color a little quickly now)

1 year ago on 08/13/13 at 07:13am




i just had

the best (early) birthday party ahsdbjahbsd (we went to the zoo and ate a crapton of junk food early on and I got these presents eeeee—)

WHY MUST YOU HURT ME IN THIS WAY THIS IS AMAZING AND HILARIOUS (and NOW I AM OBLIGATED TO READ THIS FLIPPIN BOOK OHMUHGUH—and yes how-to-draw manga books by Christopher Hart are my guilty pleasure pPPFFTTttttkkgg)

really great reference book and inspiration. Reading this easily fires up my creativity~ Thanks Mike! 

finally, two sketchbooks with really cute personal messages and inside jokes asjdhashd—how did I even end up with such an amazing group of friends ;o;

and after the gift giving we went to draw animals in the zoo (and I bought a white tiger plushie who I still needs a name) and then later we had a Gravity Falls marathon, so I was able to see all the episodes that have been aired so far. 

This day was just amazing and fun and my friends are just so precious—aaaaaaaaahhh

sylphee asked: That was the most fun I've ever had in a livestream holy cow.

ajshdbjahbsdjhb I’m glad you enjoyed it! I always love doing ‘live’ stuff like this because first of all I don’t have to keep opening the chat window to see what you guys are saying. I can look and it’s just right there and I can respond faster.

Also a lot of unexpected things happen and I actually don’t have the time to compose myself and you’ll hear me guffaw and wheeze dying and my lineart gets all messed up when an eyelash gets in my eye and I feel happy laughing right along with ya’ll. :D So really, it was a collective effort here. Everyone made the stream fun and awesome.

I can’t thank you enough. >u<


1 year ago on 04/18/13 at 11:15pm

this used to be an art only blog ._.

I feel like I’m putting too many text posts in here, but I love talking to you guys.

I guess as long as I have an ‘art only’ tag then it’s cool? Ya’ll aight with it?

1 year ago on 04/01/13 at 11:14am

BLUH I can’t possibly answer all these questions but I just want all of you to know how absolutely grateful I am for them. ;O; A couple of days ago I told you guys how anxious I was and many of you sent me messages of encouragement. Honestly those helped me get through the rest of the project—my productivity actually quadrupled! aw man…just shows how awesome your help is!

To the many individuals telling me their preference for Amsterdam over this one, I hope you treat this new one as a separate work with a different message/portrayal. But I’m not mad c: I know that it’s kind of like preferring a song in an album. Just—please keep it to yourself. I’m proud of both of them for what they are and I learned plenty of things from both, regardless of their relative popularity.

I’d like to think that I could do with a few days of break from artjamming, and extra lengthy one from illustrated musics don’t you think, haha…

Thank you again, lovelies. ;u; It’s always a pleasure to draw for you.

1 year ago on 03/04/13 at 11:38pm