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exploratory sketches on some twin bros

5 days ago on 09/15/14 at 06:39am

well this happened :u precious dot-eyed babs

6 days ago on 09/13/14 at 03:24pm

i started playing this game series! (just finished the first one and started on the second. sylphee has all the games for it aw yiss) :DDD the character designs are really cute and im enjoying it so far

1 week ago on 09/09/14 at 01:05pm

took a break from work and sketched vampire hunter aus -u-

protip: don’t mess with Korra when her hair’s down

I dont really know what this AU is but im liking it a lot

rose ended up cleanin the sopor mess so she never tried this again

since im so chatty today here’s a cute sketch of a thing im working on


if u dont think she’s cute you’re wrong

dave bein dave


sometimes my fren and i take reference pictures of each other c:

myself and sylphee, respectively and uploaded w her permission



even more perfect


Please excuse my dead nerd father


(via danedehaanw)


i got like…5 requests of this shirt so here’s Karkat and…Karkat.

even more perfect