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here, catch. c:


preview for the Elizabeth-centric lyricshock I’m working on UuU (gonna scale the Songbird to be a bit bigger here mmm)

1 week ago on 04/07/14 at 10:27pm

I never understood fanart that showed Booker being really annoyed or tired at Elizabeth throwing health, salt, or ammo for you because—-



forever trying to get her face right

1 week ago on 04/07/14 at 06:38pm

me when I talk to people

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talkingwhileshy replied to your post: give me someone to draw? your ideas or…

kanaya secretly lounges in old big comfy clothes with no make up when she feels too tired to be fashionable, only her most trustworthy friends can accompany her during these moments

…welp now i just made myself sad

requests are closed

jionttt asked: Draw tiny mayor?? :O

feeling very restless lately, so for the past few days I’ve been making new brushes and experimenting w it since I was getting pretty tired of the ones I was using ^~^

multiverse case #2






if you haven’t played the game this wont be hilarious

Thanks for coming over to the livestream!

Just testing out the new brushes I made yesterday, and a different style of sketching. Thanks again for dropping your requests in stream, it was really fun getting to know you guys. c:

Loophole sketch I drew for saccharinesylph a few days back. Thanks for introducing me to the darker side of sadstucks all those months ago OuO

(I’ll send the rest of it to you c:)

nope sorry try again

random doodles

woah mama u hardcore

30 min animation jam…it was actually a coincidence that it looped nicely .-.

Bzzzz  chop chop

action Rosa doodles