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SAI files for HS - Amsterdam

Goodies for those wanting to make music videos out of this (popular request), or for those who are just interested in seeing how I worked this thing.

I’m sorry for all the text posts lately, ^u^. My hands are still recovering from the two day nonstop art binge, so I’ll reciprocate with more artings than ever soon, haha.

I don’t mind sharing my process etc, but I’ll get upset if I see someone claiming these files as theirs or tampering with it - and be tampering I mean defacing it—shifting things around/adding/removing a few things for your video is fine c: (for me the crediting is just important). So I hope you will um…cherish my decision to put these files out here.¬†

Otherwise, I hope you’ll find this enjoyable. There are a couple of panels that I haven’t used. And the longer ones are cut off (folders 13, 18, 43) and so the canvas needs to be extended to 800.

1 year ago on 01/08/13 at 11:15pm