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sometimes my pen looses sensitivity also and i have to go to (i have windows) services and through there ‘restart’ my driver and it ends up working again its so weird

Ye I’ve gotten a lot of messages about this actually :D. Also juuuust found out that the ‘services’ they’ve been talking about was referring to ‘View local services’ on my Windows 8 :y 

I was confused for a while about that but I’ll definitely keep this in mind whenever I run into more tablet problems. Troubleshooting is so frustrating haha

6 months ago on 03/18/14 at 09:34pm

How to use a tablet without hurting your wrist


This is a tutorial I’ve written two years ago. I still see a lot of people having problems with hand pains while using a tablet so I thought I might post in on tumblr where it should get to more people than on my LJ. If you use tablet you might want to look at it, if your friends use tablet you might want to show it to them.

Protect your hands and back before it’s too late~!!

Original text starts here:

I realized, that I’ve encountered many professional artists online that have problems with wrist that are caused by using tablet. No wonder: you can find tons of tutorials on graphic software, but you won’t find any on actual USING the tablet. Well, it is simple: you install the drivers, plug the tablet in, personalize the buttons, if you have any, and start drawing the same way as you did with the pencil, right?
Well… NO!

That is why I decided to write this entry tutorial. Please, read if whether you’re just a beginner, or a professional that has been painting for longer than I have lived; the issue is much too grave for people living of making art to simply be ignored.

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Thank you c:

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