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A tool that I’ve found is really handy is a called the Cash Clock. It’s a simple program that measures both the time that you’re working on a piece as well as how much money you should be earning. You can adjust the hourly wage to whatever you feel is…

Online version link

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axiomaticanathema said: If it’s not any trouble, could you make this rebloggable? Thank you!

As you wish!

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floralenchantress asked: OOC: Just a quick question from an artist how to you make the lines around...lets say the light blue lines around you Kill La Kill 'gonna protect girlfriend' picture?


use the select tool,then select the ‘fuzzy’ transparency to the max. 

then click on what you desire to outline. 

then make a new layer down that one, select the bucket and fill in the selected space. 

when you unselect you’ll have this 

see? it has the blue outline, that’s how i do it. uvu 


Some awesome leg tutorials done by n3m0s1s.

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I did some anatomy. Full view to see my tiny, tiny notes.

it’s always hard for me to remember this so, reblogging for everyone else like me :C

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The making of Studio Trigger's incomparable series, Little Witch Academia. Again, another reason why I love 2D animation so much. :-) 

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The Other Side of Freelancing


Here it is, giant post about freelancing, under a cut because it’s super long. Enjoy if possible! 

I’m perfectly open to answering specific questions, but if it’s something I answer in this post I probably won’t answer it. I’d also prefer to answer questions publicly so I don’t have to answer the same thing multiple times. Thank you :)

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Sai Animation Assistant


Because attempting to animate in the purgatory that is a midway between Sai and Photoshop is akin to sawing off your dick with a nail file, I got around to this last week.

The goal is to allow for viewing of wip animations being made in Sai without having to load the project into Photoshop, Flash, or whatever your external timeline of choice is.  Essentially, you export each frame as a .png into a folder and then just overwrite them in the same way when you want to update a frame.

On load it defaults to whatever directory it’s sitting in, but if you want to keep it somewhere else you can select the folder source post-load.

Images are loaded alphabetically, so all of these are valid:

  • a.png, b.png, c.png
  • 1.png, 2.png, 3.png
  • Frame1.png, Frame2.png, Frame3.png.

It runs off .png files because I don’t see why you’d use any other format in 2014.  If anyone desperately wants .jpeg support or something I can add a toggle though.

Image locations are loaded fresh upon each iteration and held within the program so you can add, update and remove frames without stopping it if you want to.  This means you can leave it open on a second monitor and have a looping preview without leaving Sai.

Shit runs on .net 4.5 since C# is cakewalk for stuff like this.


.CS/Source file


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This site has some cool arm anatomy, especially about how it changes as it twists, which is often neglected in ref!

Main account reblog if you didn’t see this fun thing *v *

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I don’t know if this can be useful to anyone. It’s not perfect by any means but perspective is a lot based on the artist own sensibility, I merely offer a starting point.

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A professional script reader read 300 screenplays for five different studios, all the while tracking the many recurring problems. The infographic he made with the collected data offers a glimpse at where screenwriting goes wrong.

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Here’s some awesome figure drawing and anatomy tips, tricks and tutorials by an awesome artist named Bryan Lee or Follow him on DeviantArt, His work is awesome. Anyhoo sorry in advance that the pics are not in any order and i have more to post, just right click and save the photos in your reference folder if you have one (Every artist should have one BTW). He was nice enough to give me permission for posting them on my Tumblr. Please do your jobs as aspiring artists to reblog this post and the next one to all of your artist friends in the Tumblrverse, ” Knowledge is meant to be shared.” is what Mr. Lee said to me, lets follow his quote

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Perspective + Composition Pt.1  by fox-orian from DeviantArt

(Also check out Part 2)

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